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Basketball game machine factory makes a children’s basketball machine

NBA basketball

I believe that every player who has been to the video game city must have played a basketball machine.
I also believe that after a round of hard work, you will find
This record is four times higher than mine?
Is there a problem with the machine?
Or am I too good?

Basketball also known as shooting machine or street basketball machine, indie is a shot in basketball that aims to be a shooting game.

When a player starts the game, players have appeared in front of the basketball one after another to let the player shoot, allowing the player to quickly put the basket and the ball. When the allotted time expires, the shooting game will be stopped immediately. The accumulation of the number of baskets leads to the game.

There are many types of basketball machines. Generally, they can be divided into “single machine” and “multi-machine network confrontation” types in terms of function. In the game, multiple shooting units are often combined into a shooting game unit group, which is very popular.

The invention of the basketball machine was first in the United States. Independent circuit boards and game operators have attached great importance to game performance for several years. Its simple operation, convenient use, and healthy entertainment effects have become the mainstay of the video game market in recent years!





In fact, there are skills in shooting, and it is much easier to master these skills
1. To do a good job, workers must first use tools
The first thing to do is to get a handle on the machine.
A machine has a standard of 7 balls (as for why it is 7 balls, I only need to elaborate here). The weight of the basketball is lighter and the air is slightly less (such a ball has a handle, which saves effort)
Generally, there are four levels of basketball chances, and the timing of each pass should be known. Often pull points in the first level, because the time is long, the basket does not move.
After grasping, you can warm up, whether it is easy to throw the ball, or exercise, there is no problem.
2. To throw the ball well, good posture is essential


Basketball Game Machine


The following skills are what Xiaobian learned from observing the big players of the basketball machine.
1. Station
It’s best to keep your body close to the basketball machine, and don’t stick it in the middle of the C position according to your personal situation.
Then lean forward and look at the basket, slightly over the barrier.
(The main advantage is to save effort and get the ball as soon as possible)
2. Pitch
To be honest, this part is mostly a matter of personal skill, as everyone feels differently.
But if you look at those big guys, they can throw pretty much all hollow backspin with one hand.
Of course, this effect is the best, especially when the pace is fast.
This throwing method can effectively inhibit the rebound of the basketball, interrupt the rhythm, and even jump out of the basketball machine
The reason for throwing the ball with one hand is that the other hand has to catch the ball. A catch and a throw form a permanent action.
After getting used to it, the efficiency will go up a lot, and the natural score will be high.
Well, after all, I still need more practice.
This summer, you can bring your kids to a shooting game.

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