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Buy a football table to enhance parent-child relationship

Football Table

Football is closely related to our lives. In recent years, football has also moved into the campus life of teenagers. What if football moved into the home?
life, many fan fathers like to take their children to the nearby grass to play football with their babies. It can not only enhance the relationship between father and son in the game, but also enhance the baIn by’s physique, and many fathers are still have selfishness? I hope the children I like football and grow up to be a star.
But in the cold winter, no selfish father is reluctant to take his children outdoors to play football in the cold wind! What should we do? It doesn’t matter, football can also be “played” on the table. Here, we introduce a foosball game for fans, father and son.

Happy Football Table

The football table is popular with the family. They all like to play together. They would laugh and argue and have a good time. It’s a great way to spend time together.

But one day, the football table brought the family together in a different way. The father and son played together and the son scored. The father was very proud of his son and they hugged each other to celebrate.

This is a moment the family will always remember. They are happy and they enjoy spending time together. A football table is a perfect way to bring them together.

This game is very suitable for friends who are currently quarantined at home due to the epidemic. The football table simulates a real football field and replaces people with dolls.
How to play table football? There are three ways to play: two-player, one-player, and two-player.


Football Table


Both players use the joystick to control the player, push, pull, spin, or make a variety of different techniques for direct or indirect attack and defense.
Passing and controlling the ball: The player controls the player through the joystick and can pass the ball from different angles of the front, back, left, and right. When the football passes through the sides of the court or the soles of the players’ feet, the player can press the ball to pass the ball again, or the player can pass the ball. Block, use the above methods to organize an effective attack or defense.

A football table is also a great way to exercise. It’s a fun way to stay active and burn some calories. You can even play games with your kids to see who scores the most goals.

Do you want to come and experience the happiness brought by table football? Do you want to improve the parent-child relationship at home during the epidemic? What are you waiting for? Buy a football table today and start connecting with your kids!

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