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Features of coin operated toy crane claw machine

1. Beautiful appearance, both adults and children like it.

2. Once you play this game, you will definitely get some toys.

3. Suitable for entertainment purposes such as game centers, amusement parks, etc.

The goal of the game is to manipulate the claws inside the cabinet in order to grab the desired prize inside, which, if successful, is distributed and collected by the player. The exact method of controlling the jaws varies from machine to machine.

Typically in Asia and Europe, claw machines use a skill-intensive “up and down” game system. This is where two buttons are provided for the player, one for forward movement and one for sideways movement. Each button can only be pressed once, and once the last button is released, the paws will drop. This is the original motion system used in machines since the 1960s and is most popular in countries like the UK and Japan.

Another method of movement for a claw machine is the popular joystick control. This is when the player has full control of the claw in all directions, using a single button to deploy the claw. This is becoming more and more popular because it makes the claw machine easier for the inexperienced.

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