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Come play the Toy Crane Game Machine this summer

Dinibao new style Mini toy crane game machine

Go to the game hall to play the factory direct selling claw machine. Have you “failed” countless times. Have you never experienced the joy of victory? Do you always complain that it’s an impossible task? Maybe we can use some little tricks. Let’s get the doll. You can also do this in front of a female partner. After studying, practicing, go to pick up my sister.


Basic Tip 1: About Editing
The clamps of the factory direct-selling claw machine are generally composed of three. When grasping dolls, the angle of the claws is often not as expected. When the clip is dropped, it falls on the doll or deviates from the grab point, so it is important to turn the clip.
Rotating the clip is actually very simple, that is, quickly turn the rocker 360 degrees, the clip will rotate and swing, and the angle will also change. When the clip stops shaking, you can grab it, but watch the timing. Turning clips is fun, but not addicting. When I went to Wanda to play today, I found that the countdown time of the factory direct-selling claw machine has become 15 seconds. It’s frustrating. It used to be 30 seconds…
Also, do not turn the clips when they are on the side. It will knock on the glass of the machine and the boss will stare at you.

Basic Tip 2: About Buttons
Sometimes after reading the second, when the clip falls off on its own, it may be tighter and easier to grip the doll. (But I’ll use this method in the future, but I haven’t caught it.)
Another way of saying it is that pressing the button lets the clip drop, and pressing it again at the moment the clip grabs the doll increases the claw force. Specifically, press or at 1/3 the height of the doll, just enough to hold the entire doll. When the clip is completely over, the power of natural picking is often not enough. Most machines will be stronger with two presses with a strong jaw, and a weaker press won’t help. It’s actually useful for some machines. It allows you to tighten your grip at the right time, making it easier to grab. But don’t get excited. Press the second button in advance and the clip will retract in the air. Then came the cup. I am not responsible for.


crazy toy 3 crane game machine

Small Claw Arcade Crazy Toy 3 Plush Toy Crane Vending Machine

Practical tip 1: Push down the doll
Pushing the doll down is a very practical technique. For larger dolls, or two-headed dolls like Bear and Piglet, it’s best to grab from the doll’s body and neck. If clipped from the head of the sitting doll, the handle has no gripping point, and the doll can easily fall off. If you really like this doll, I suggest you pay two coins for the futon first, then you can drop it down to catch it.
The method is very simple, that is, the clip is slightly lowered, one paw is placed on the head of the doll, and the other two paws are inclined to grab the body of the doll, and the doll will be pulled down after the clip. retract.
Pay attention to the location. You can use a swivel clip. Also, not applicable if there are too many obstacles around the doll.
Practical skill two: swing clip
This method is more difficult, my hands are relatively clumsy, and it is always unsuccessful. First, the target doll can’t be too close to the glass or acrylic at the exit, or it will be hit by the clip. After confirming that there is no obstacle next to the target doll, swing the clip left and right to make the clip swing violently from side to side. When the opportunity arises, press the drop-down button. When the claws are caught by the doll and retracted, the doll is thrown to the exit.
Pay attention to the calculation of the drop position of the clip. After clamping the doll, the clamp will not loosen at this time. When the clip is retracted, it wiggles. The clip usually releases when it reaches the top, but our doll also gets thrown into the hole. This method sounds great. It’s much safer than a slow-moving magazine, but it’s hard to aim, so it doesn’t have a high success rate. RP is important.

Practical tip 3: Roll into the hole
This method is to have the doll clamp up and down and roll directly into the hole. This method is very simple, but needs to be observed first. Generally speaking, it is easier to roll in when the slope is greater than 45 degrees, and it is more difficult to roll in when the slope is less than 30 degrees. The method is that when the clip falls off, don’t be in a vertical line with the doll, and the clip should be a little closer to the hole, so that when the clip is recovered, there will be tension at the exit.
This method is suitable for machines with a low hole block height. It’s better to be a machine with more dolls. If you have more money, it will be easier for you to clip a few first to fill the hole, then roll or push with the last method. If you can’t get the child to cover the wolf, you’ll need to make some bedding first, or a little more than always tucked in.
Experience summary
The above are several specific methods, there are also some simple methods. The hook can pass through a certain part of the doll, such as tag, rope, doll clothes, etc., with a high probability. Don’t worry if the doll gets hooked. Call the clerk. The doll is yours.

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