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Everything you need to turn the basement into your own private game console

Simulator Shooting Game Machine

As a child, is there anything better and more exciting than having your own independent playroom? If you can have your own game room, then every game console in it is your favorite, every game will be available forever, and you can add any toppings you want to the pizza. This will be a veritable Shangri-La, so here is everything you need.

When you have your own game room, first decorate the game room in your favorite style on the homepage, and then decorate it as if it were your own bedroom, starting with color matching and item matching. After the decoration work is completed, you can start purchasing and installing your favorite game consoles. The following game consoles are personally recommended to you, you can refer to them.

Simulator Shooting Game Machine:

Simulator Shooting Game Machine

Indoor video arcade game 42 LCD operation ghost simulator gun shooting arcade game machine


In addition to the 42 LCD operation Ghost’s larger HD widescreen and dazzling LED interactive lighting on the frame, the gun-type controller held by players is also equipped with a speaker device disguised as a laser sight style. In the game, the intercom calls of companions are communicated to players through this device in a close distance, which greatly enhances the sense of presence!Any player can easily play!


Toy Crane & Prize Gift Machine:


Toy Crane

Dinibao Popular ESakura Net Red Series claw game machine for sale


1. Independent research crane, it’s compact design makes it easier to move around them stable.

2. Cute cartoon design with colorful-lights, fashion voice prompts

3. Comparison of electronic coin device to facilitate the custom chips.

4. control stick is easy to operate, three sections of stress(strong, middle, weak).


Basketball Game Machine:

Basketball Game Machine

Indoor Normal Basketball Game Machine For Adults


1. Suitable for almost all ages; great fun to shooting the goal.

2. Coin operated game machine, easy and convenient to control.

3. Put several in the shopping center, gathering popularity.

4. Low investment, high profits.

5. With wheels at the bottom, easy to move.

6. A good combination of indoor amusement and sports.

7. Colorful appearance, different from the traditional design, eye-catching.


Redemption Game Machine

Redemption Game Machine

Monster Bull Demon King Coin Operate Game shooting Redemption Machine


1. Coin operated and ticket out optional;

2. Wonderful game and attractive design;

3. Hot and popular for kids and adult;

4. Suit for game center, amusement park and other entertainment purpose.

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