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Exciting dynamic racing simulator racing arcade game machine

Lots of exciting new arcade games were released at the recent GTI trade show in China, including Nitro Trucks, Crazy Rider, Asphalt 9, and more

Racing games have always been a staple of every arcade, even in places where arcade space is small and gaming offerings seem like an afterthought. The driving category has changed dramatically in 2021 with the introduction of the dynamic racing simulator racing arcade machine. Based on the globally popular mobile app of the same name, we offer players a thrill unmatched by any other driving game on the market.

Immerse the player in the action right down to the last detail. Our gaming consoles allow customers to race against 20 of the world’s most unique cars from the world’s most famous car manufacturers, including Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors, McLaren, and more. A custom cylinder-driven kinematic base realistically simulates the on-screen action, making guests feel as though they are traveling through an exotic city in their dream car. Full HD graphics on the stunning 43-inch display, wind jets, steering wheel force feedback system, and vibrating speakers add to the realism.




Features of arcade games
1. Adopt the latest version and technology of the classic racing simulation game console.
2. Shocking music effects and real scene pictures have become the new fanaticism of players.
3.32-inch ultra-high-definition screen, the picture is clear, allowing players to enjoy it.
4. The latest attractive popular games and wonderful music, a large number of luxury racing cars, a wealth of track choices, initial D arcade stage 5 added 3 tracks
5. The appearance is luxurious and beautiful, with humanized design, simple and comfortable operation, and colorful LED lights, become the new favorite of amusement park players. 6. Novel
The unique program is very attractive. Adjustable, high precision, and stability. Easy to operate and manage.

We also have a variety of choices in the game, there are many luxury cars, and a large number of tracks to choose from. In the game, you can also experience excitement and happiness on the real track. If you like it too, please contact us to buy one for you.

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