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How to play a toy crane machine so that you can return with a full load

Princess car Arcade toy crane game machine

Why is the doll machine so hard to grasp?
The doll machine has a magical power. Walking on the road or shopping, I can’t help but spend 10 yuan to grab a doll when I see a doll. It’s pretty restrained. In the eyes of doll-robbing fans, dolls with different IPs and styles are attractive. If you don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars, you’re not going to stop. Even if you come across a rare doll, you can always catch it.

This happens to most people when they grab a doll. The doll has been raised by the claws and is about to be caught. After 2 seconds, the doll fell, and then repeatedly threw the money and grabbed it until it got angry and impatient. Why is it so difficult to catch a doll machine?
A claw machine owner revealed that the claw machine can be set, such as the strength of the claws, the strength of the current, the time, and even the probability of catching the baby.
The strength of the gripping hand can be set by opening the setting mode of the gripping machine, the strength of the gripping force. As the name suggests, a strong grip is better than a weaker grip. After catching the baby, the weak grip quickly falls off in the air. When the grip is adjusted to the maximum, it is basically a good grip for the doll. There are also settings for the probability of winning, such as catching 50 times, the settings for catching the baby machine boss are mostly 30 times, 50 times, if it is more dark, the probability of winning the lottery will be set 200 times, that is, 200 times to catch the baby.

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How about catching dolls? Screen the doll machine first. If the doll in the doll machine has no edges and corners, there is no belt. If it’s spherical, don’t grab it. This doll machine is more difficult. In addition, you can choose a doll machine that others have caught many times but still haven’t caught. Because others have caught so many times, according to the probability of the doll machine, the probability of catching the baby will increase. You can also try to hold the baby close to the exit and swing the doll to the exit with the swing of the paws.

Teach you how to toy grab machine in detail
When you come across a doll with a big head, the doll’s center of gravity is on the head. Watch to see if the clip is larger than the doll’s head. If the clamp is relatively large, it can be directly clamped. If the clip is smaller than the head, don’t expect the big end of the doll to get caught. If the clip doesn’t match, it has no grip. If the head is larger than the clip, then when you want to aim near the neck, find a way to get the clip between your neck and body, which is the easiest place to clip it.


UFO catcher II toy crane machine

UFO catcher II toy crane machine


The easiest way to do this is to clip the body and send the clip to the doll’s neck or armpit, or to the PG position. If the doll is near the exit, you can also clamp the doll close to the exit point. For example, you can put your hands on your baby’s feet if the feet are already in the hole. Sometimes after the clip is down and pulled up, the doll will be pulled up directly into the hole to score. Luckily, the doll will be dragged and you can do it a time or two.

Due to the weight, the head and tail are not the best attack positions. The most suitable place is to find the center of gravity of the doll. Chuck and tail will not work. If the clip is to be fed into the center of the body, it is sometimes necessary to spend a copper plate or two for the doll to fall off before attacking.
Did you learn it? Let’s play with a toy crane machine and you’ll be rewarded.

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