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Introduction and structure of traffic simulation game machine

The racing game machine, also known as the video game racing, is a simulator manufactured by simulating real racing cars for business in public entertainment places. The game machine consists of multiple parts, generally composed of accessories such as a display screen, a seat, a steering wheel, a gear lever, a pedal, and a base.

The structure of game consoles mainly includes the following categories:
Display screen: Located above the game console, it is used to display the progress of the game and bring the visual enjoyment of the racing car to the player.
Seat: The seat is facing the display screen and is used to carry the player. The back of the seat contains a speaker for playing game sounds; and the puller under the seat is used to adjust the distance of the seat.

Steering wheel: The steering wheel is located below the display screen and is used to control the direction of the car during the driving process. It contains paddle shifters and function buttons.
Gear lever: The purpose of the gear lever is to move forward and backward gears when driving a racing car. Generally, the gear lever only has 2 gears for forward and backward gears, while some models with a higher degree of simulation have 5 gears. The gear lever is generally on the right side of the steering wheel. This position is actually imitated on the left side of the steering wheel in our country, and some gear levers on the left side of the steering wheel are made after imitating the right side of the steering wheel in foreign countries.
Foot pedal: The foot pedal is the lower part of the front of the game console. It contains two pedals, accelerator and brake, and some highly simulated ones also contain clutch pedals.
Base: The base is under the game console and is used to carry the entire game console and players.

The control panel of the game console is located on the side or back of the base, and includes a power socket, a power switch, a power indicator, a power fuse, a network cable interface, and a USB interface.

It is suitable for personal use, children’s experience center, car theme park, game arcade video game city, high-end clubs, science and technology museums and driving schools.

Game description: The player enters the game by inserting coins, choosing a vehicle and selecting a track, then you can enter online battles and computer battles.

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