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Main selling points of Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine

Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is easy to operate. After the coin is put in, the gate of the machine will be opened. By hitting the light spots on the fake person and the characters in the game screen, when the opponent’s blood consumption is finished, they will be successful. If they pass the four passes, there will be lottery tickets or gifts. In the accompaniment of music, the game will continue to generate hit points on the dummy, the player must hit the luminous point in the accurate position. In the design of the game, the difficulty span is fully emphasized. The distribution of the difficulty from very simple and easy to start to the maximum difficulty is reasonable, which is very suitable for new players to start. Then, gradually use the difficulty curve to let players become boxing masters through self-training.

Main selling points of Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine:

Innovative technology

It has an original force sensing function, which can accurately record the strength of each punch. The dummy is embedded with a striking screen. According to the training task, the interactive content changes freely with the user’s hitting. It almost doesn’t feel sluggish when playing. It is natural and natural.

Strong and durable

In order to maintain the reliability of the same product, we can use it for as long as possible.

Shocking Effect

The exquisite 3D characters of the game are hit synchronously with the dummy, so that the players can feel the charm of boxing game and shock the sound effect, so that the players become the focus of the game.

Super high revenue

Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is mainly used to gather people in the venue. The sound of hitting and the sound effect of game scores can attract people around to try. The machine has the function of returning gifts and lottery tickets, which has the characteristics of high popularity, high attention and high profit.

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