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Play a Dance game machine in a fast-paced era

Dance Century

Video game arcade, which combines the most popular street dance in the world, is a new concept dance machine developed for dance lovers. It interprets dance, music, lighting, etc. with fancy performances as the main line, and has a variety of game modes and dance styles. But do you want to play a good dance machine? I teach you these moves!

You must be confident when playing an amusement machine. If you are not confident, you will never dance well. As for the newcomers who are afraid to jump, it is difficult to take the first step. So, if you want to play, choose a time when there are no people or few people, like Monday through Friday when the store just opens, or during your lunch break, and you go to practice. Back then, no one was like your own home. Once you dare to go up, success is already beckoning to you.



Dance Century

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develop a sense of rhythm
It is important to choose songs for new dancers. Unlike other game consoles, the dance machine arranges footnotes according to the rhythm of the music, so if you want to dance well, you must develop a sense of rhythm, otherwise dancing will be awkward. However, most people have a sense of rhythm, such as listening to hip-hop or drum songs can’t help but get excited, or twist to the rhythm. The same goes for amusement machines. When the dance music came out, the regular footwork music and movements were very beautiful.

song selection
It is important for newcomers to choose songs. There are not many songs suitable for hip-hop dance, but there are many rhythmic songs, but some have rhythms that are difficult to dance. So it is recommended to play the familiar easy machine first. If you can play well, you can just play hard. In the beginning you can dance combos (the cover is a Coke bottle with headphones), Southwest Cadillac (a guy with his white t-shirt!), and Pierrot (the cover is a clown). The style of these songs is obvious, and it’s easier to add fancy touches yourself. It is recommended that you practice more and develop a sense of rhythm. There are also songs such as funky love with 3-star or 4-star difficulty. When you’re ready to practice, move on to the next step.

Dance game machine can be installed in your home or office.

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