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Share several solutions to the problems of Simulator Racing Game Machine

Arcade VR Speed Cars Racing Game Machine

I’m here to share with you some common problems and solutions about . When you encounter these problems, what will you do? Let’s share the solutions.


1、 Simulator Racing Game Machine only shakes, does not sing

Answer: check whether the volume switch on the right side of MP3 controller is on. Turn on the volume clockwise.

B: The horn cable is broken. Reconnect it.

The horn is broken. It needs replacing.

D: Mp3 controller crashes, first unplug the main power supply, then separate the controller plug, wait for a moment, and then plug it in again.

The MP3 controller does not recognize the built-in songs and replaces the MP3 controller.


Simulator Racing Game Machine


2、 The screen of the Simulator Racing Game Machine does not light up or does not light up

Answer: the screen or lamp is connected to the circuit on the motor or short circuited, reset.

B: The screen or light is broken and needs to be changed.


3、 The button of the Simulator Racing Game Machine does not sound.

Answer: check whether the sound switch on the right side of MP3 controller is turned on clockwise to increase the sound effect.

B: The button line falls off and is reconnected.

The button is broken and needs replacing.

The original sound in the D – MP3 controller is broken. Replace the controller.


If there are more than two machines, the fault will be very simple. The customer only needs to replace the good parts and test on the machine in question. For example, the coin or coin machine cannot be started. Put the coin on the B good machine to try the machine. If the problem is solved.


This indicates that the is damaged. If the problem still cannot be solved, it is possible to troubleshoot the coin heat exchanger and find the problem elsewhere. Test one by one to find out the root cause of the problem.

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