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Some tips to help you increase the lifespan of the toy crane machine machine!

Castle series gift game machine

As a game console manufacturer, let us teach you how to increase the service life of crane game consoles.Operators must pay more attention if they want to increase the service life of toy crane machine machines. Different types of game consoles have different ways to extend the service life. For example, the operator of a toy crane must always check the motor and connecting parts, because the motor can be said to be the heart of the equipment. If something goes wrong, business will be delayed, and the loosening of screws at the equipment joints will also cause accidents. The operator must frequently check the important parts of the equipment and add lubricating oil in the places that are prone to wear.

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If you rely on batteries to run the toy crane machine to increase the service life, you must use the charger provided by the manufacturer for charging, and choose to charge with only one-third of the power, which can effectively protect the life of the battery.

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Generally speaking, the electricity used in the game hall is residential electricity. During peak hours, the voltage is not stable. It is recommended to purchase a voltage regulator as needed to prevent damage to the main components of the game equipment and affect the service life of the equipment. Fearing that voltage instability will affect the life of the equipment can reduce the power to other equipment such as audio, LED downlights for lighting, and so on. The game consoles in the game hall are very valuable, and the correct use will reduce unnecessary losses for you. The maintenance of game machine equipment must start with the maintenance of small details, so as to ensure the normal operation and long-term use of the machine.

Castle series gift game machine

Castle series gift game machine

If you want to know more maintenance skills or buy other equipment and game consoles, please contact us. We have 15 years of industry experience and our machines have been exported to more than 150 countries. More than 5000 game centers are using our games. We are located in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

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