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The need to transform a diverse playroom

Under normal circumstances, people like arcade games and test their game skills by simulating racing game machines. So we can use this opportunity to make our customers happier and have a wonderful experience.

Our businessmen want to get the greatest return from the property we paid. We consider from multiple aspects whether our game room meets the needs of our customers in many ways? For example, do we provide snacks, drinks, and snacks next door to our game room, so that our customers can eat delicious food when they are resting. At the same time, our business can also have a good income.


Simulator MT storm racer motor arcade driving games machine

Simulator MT storm racer motor arcade driving games machine

For example, there is an indoor football stadium chain store called ArenaSports in Seattle, USA. In order to attract more customers, they decided to transform the stadium into a diverse entertainment center. This entertainment center includes a variety of arcade game machines, exchange game machines, climbing walls, bowling and virtual reality, etc.

Next to a high-end apartment building in San Diego, California, many styles of arcade games, bowling and high-definition full-swing golf were also added, which received positive responses from tenants. To

From these cases, we can understand that as long as we can reasonably use the unused space, these spaces can bring us additional income.

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