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Things to Consider When Playing with Child bumper cars

Child bumper cars are the new darling of children’s activities. Now there are many styles of children’s bumper cars, both adults and children like to play.

How does our bumper car play?
1. Fasten your seat belt before driving; press the three buttons after the car to turn on the power
2. Use the remote control to turn on the car; use the wheels to control the moving direction of the car. Can be rotated 360 degrees
3. Step on the accelerator on the right side of the car to move the car
4. When the time runs out, the car will automatically stop and the game is over



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Precautions for children playing with children’s bumper cars
1. Choose a good time to play
When taking children to the playground to play bumper cars, try to avoid the peak crowd, and try not to get together when playing bumper cars. It is better to have fewer people, and it will not be too intense, reducing the possibility of danger.

2. Avoid letting children play with bumper cars alone
When playing bumper cars, you should be accompanied by an adult or sit next to it and take protective measures to avoid accidental injury to the baby. When the baby is tired, pay attention to rest and do not play for too long.

3. Negotiate with your child in advance
Some children want to play, but are afraid of collision, etc. At this time, parents must communicate with their children. If the children are really afraid, they cannot let them play with bumper cars, otherwise the children will not easily accept it.


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4. Empty your child’s urine
Bumper car is a very intense project. If the child is relatively small, it is easy to pee his pants when he is nervous and excited, so it is necessary to let him urinate in advance.

5. Always remind children to hold the steering wheel
When playing bumper cars, sometimes I can’t control the direction of the car, so I have to hold the steering wheel tightly.

6. Children under the age of ten do not play with bumper cars
Children’s muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissues are immature, and are prone to sprains and bruises when subjected to strong vibrations.

Features of bumper cars: 1. The body has LED lights, which are more beautiful and attractive; 2. With seat belts to protect children; 3. Rubber parts can produce bumper cars.

Our bumper cars are made of rubber parts that protect children. Bumper cars can be produced. Buying our products also has the after-sales service guarantee of the manufacturer.

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