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What is a Simulator racing car arcade game machine? And what are the parts?

Also known as arcade racing, is a kind of in the public places of entertainment business and manufacturing simulator simulate the real car. Console composition contains multiple components, generally by screen, seat, steering wheel, gear lever, accessories such as pedal, base composition.

32 LCD HD Outrun Double



Located at the top of the console, is used to display the game process and bring the car to a visual enjoyment.


The seat

Seats are on display, for hosting the player, the seat back with speakers, used to play games; The seat at the bottom of the drawing is used to adjust the distance of the seat.


The steering wheel

The steering wheel is below the screen, is used to control the car during the process of driving the vehicle direction, containing shift and function buttons.



Gear lever

Gear lever purpose is to drive the car in a gear, general gearbox only two gear back into gear and gear, and some is of high simulation degree with five gear. The right of the gear lever in the steering wheel, placed actually modeled after turning on the left, in our country and some of the gear lever on the steering wheel left this is modeled on foreign right turning.


The pedals

Foot pedal is positive the bottom half of the game, two feet contains the accelerator and brake pedal, some imitate the degree is high also contains the clutch pedal.


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