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Who remembers the arcade games in the arcade? The childhood memories of the post-80s and post-90s generations

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A game console is a computer system mainly used for entertainment. The source code it uses is only open to licensed software developers to display TVs or other special monitors and special input devices. The biggest difference between PC and PC is the proximity of source code and software.
Broadly speaking, with the development of electronic technology and the information industry, as well as the promotion of the film and animation industries, the electromechanical equipment used by humans to play games can be called game consoles. Electronic game consoles have become more professional game consoles with their more professional game performance. Actually, even today, when the computer level is so advanced, PC games still cannot replace the strong position of game consoles.

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From black-and-white TVs to large-head color TVs to LCD TVs, the society is developing rapidly, and people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, but each era has its own unique memories. I believe that most of the children born in the 80s and 90s went there at the time. After the game hall, the game machine placed in the game hall is a machine with a large frame structure. They start the game by investing in game currency. Many famous popular games originated from arcade games, including Mario Bros., Boxer, Thunder Warrior, etc.

At that time, almost all parents felt that going to the game hall was a rogue, and the hooligans did not do their job. However, the people who went to the game hall at that time are now in their thirties and have become the main labor force in our country. They have been the support of the family for a day. Pillars.

Most post-80s and 90s, arcade games are their childhood memories. I remember that after school on Friday when I was a child, many men went to the game center to buy some game coins and started a happy weekend with the pocket money they saved during the week.

The owner of a game hall collected a lot of arcade game coins and wrote “the coins we invested in the year.” Later the boss became a frequent visitor of the game hall. He went to school in other places and returned to his hometown after a few years as a soldier. At that time, he was familiar with ‘S game hall no longer exists, so he decides to do something.
After many setbacks, he found the owner who once opened the game hall, moved out of the dusty arcade, and opened a game hall that was eliminated by the times. We have also encountered a lot of trouble. We were detained and lost more than half a year of money. Gangsters also made trouble in the store, and parents made trouble in the store. After all, there have been so many sad things in these years. People still have to live, but they have to sell cigarettes and non-staple food, leaving only a few arcades in the basement.

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Now the boss no longer runs the game hall, but he still keeps those arcades well. The boss occasionally cleans the game hall every day, some former customers will come, and the boss will treat them warmly. They not only play in the game hall, but also provide free tea and snacks. After all, there are not many people who remember the arcade.

The boss is a nostalgic person to him. Although the arcade era is a thing of the past, his feelings and memories of the arcade still remain. The decline of arcades in game halls is due to the rapid development of the Internet, which has been replaced by Internet cafes and online games, but its heyday cannot be ignored.

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