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Advantages of installing a card reader system in an arcade machine

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After years of technological development, many companies and consumers have entered the cashless era, and the same is true in the arcade industry, because we use card reader systems when designing and developing arcade machines.

So, for arcade machines, what are the benefits of installing a card reader system?

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First: In the card reader system, we can have real-time visibility and control of the overall operation of the data it provides, and can manage your games, real-time prize inventory, guest party plans, and bookings including bundles and upsell packages .

Second: We can establish a schedule about the customer’s specific situation in the card reader system. For example, we can design some rewards for customers in the card reader system, not only to win customers, but also to track customer expenditures.

Third: At the same time, we have to be a unique plan based on the location and specific circumstances. For example, provide free drinks for every $25 spent by customers at your location. This can also allow you to attract more players during off-peak seasons or times, especially when you offer special offers to membership card holders. You can also add free weekly or daily games to your membership card to keep your game room full. This is a win-win for you and your customers, because they can get discounts, free games, and other rewards, because you can fill your game room during downtime and earn extra income, because customers are more likely to stay longer And spend more.

Therefore, it is inevitable to install a card reader system in arcade machines, and it is also necessary for merchants and players.


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