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Let me tell you why every mall needs a technician stationed

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With the development of science and technology and the demand for human entertainment, arcade games are basically everywhere in any shopping mall. However, the assembly of these machines is composed of some parts such as computers, fans, wires, etc. Therefore, some sexual function components may be damaged during the operation of these machines. Therefore, at this time, a professional technician is required to perform maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the arcade game. For this question, our Dinibao company will introduce in this article the reason why you need to arrange a technician on site.

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First: daily maintenance
The daily maintenance of game consoles is a very important aspect, and it can also create a better atmosphere for customers. For example, when a player has a basketball machine shooting a basket, and the basketball machine malfunctions, the game machine will not be able to operate normally at this time, which will leave a bad impression on the player.

Second: regular maintenance
In order to avoid leaving a bad impression on players, our professional technicians should check these machines at regular intervals. In the process of checking the game console, our technicians should be careful, professional, and serious enough to troubleshoot and maintain it.


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Third: Monthly maintenance
1. Check the power cord. Are they worn out? Do they have games on them? To
2. Open the back door, make sure everything is normal, if necessary, blow out dust or vacuum.
3. Clean the filter or drain compressor if necessary.
4. Clean the dust collector, fan, etc.
5. Keep a clean schedule and stick to it.
Depending on the environment, your specific cleaning plan will be different, for example, there may be more dust in a desert area and more vacuuming of the machine is required. One thing to keep in mind is customer satisfaction, especially in recent incidents, seeing the cleaning procedures can give customers extra peace of mind.

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