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Electric bumper cars give children a happy childhood

Colorful Rainbow Battery Bumper Car

Does your child like to ride a bike or do outdoor activities? If there is, this electric bumper car is a good choice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have this hobby. This is an electric bumper car that is very suitable for outdoor activities and increasing parent-child relationships.

How about electric bumper cars
Each has its own strengths, and each has its own weaknesses! Battery bumper cars do not need a special venue, they are powered by batteries, which generally include lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are lighter and have longer battery life, but lead-acid batteries are safer, are environmentally friendly batteries, and are more suitable for children’s electric vehicles. The battery lasts long enough for your little one to play all day.


racing car battery car

Dinibao Popular Electric Bumper Racing Car Indoor Rides


Batteries all have a certain lifespan. It depends on how you usually treat the battery. If there is something to change frequently, the battery will be easily damaged. Although it is rechargeable, it is safer to be uncharged outside.

Equipment includes bumper cars and an indoor arena. There are small electric bumper cars for passengers to drive. The bumper car is surrounded by aprons made of rubber, and the body is generally made of FRP. There are generally two people in the car at most, with pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering.

In addition to the cool appearance of our bumper cars at the beginning, they are really very fun, and children can’t get down when they go up. The body has LED lights, which are more beautiful and attractive; with seat belts to protect children; rubber parts can produce bumper cars and other features. Choose us to make you happy.


Phantom Motorcycle Kids Battery Car

Phantom Motorcycle Kids Battery Car

Choose us and you can use it with confidence
All our internal parts are rigorously selected and tested, such as power supplies, LCDs, circuit boards, amplifiers, speakers, sounds, lights, and even buttons, stickers, etc. Our products are built on the basis of child safety, so you can let your child play with confidence.

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