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Introduce the advantages of Dinibao NFS Need for Speed Simulator arcade coin driving racing game machine

Arcade VR Speed Cars Racing Game Machine

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, 3D technology is increasingly used in shopping malls, cinemas, television, transportation and other industries, and has penetrated into all aspects of society. We have cleverly integrated the latest version of the 3D technology of the classic simulator racing game machine when manufacturing the speed simulator racing arcade game NSF machine, so that the player feels the car on the road in the visual, auditory and three-dimensional simulation process while driving. production process.

Here, 42 LCD surpasses the DX analog racing arch console. The appearance is stylish and easy to use. The exterior material is an environmentally friendly combination of high-quality steel and epoxy resin. Non-toxic and odorless is the first priority and durability is the key. 42-inch ultra-high-definition screen, shocking music effects, luxurious and beautiful appearance, humanized design, convenient and comfortable operation, colorful LED lights and other advantages. At the same time, the seat of the racing car is in front and rear sports mode. The game can store energy to attack the opponent, and it can be single or 2-8 people online battle.


Technically, we use novel and unique procedures to make it attractive. In order to facilitate the operation and management of managers and players, the program of our speed simulator racing arcade game NSF machine is set with its adjustable, controllable, high-precision and stable features.

The product is mainly applied in game center,shopping mall, amusement park, Cinema, Tourism place etc.

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