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What are the precautions for charging Bumper Car Battery Car


The driving of the square collision is driven by electricity. If the power is not well done, the protection measures can not be guaranteed, and it is easy to have power failure. This is to do a good job in the square Bumper Car Battery Car power maintenance is very important. However, some manufacturers of square Bumper Car Battery Car do not have a high level of safety factor, and the technology is still the guarantee system a few years ago. Reasonable safeguard measures can greatly improve the safety of the square bumper car. What are the precautions for the charging of the bumper car? The following is a brief introduction to the safety requirements for the power consumption of the square bumper car.


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1、 The functions of the electrical system of the square Bumper Car Battery Car must meet the safety and protection measures of entertainment equipment, and can timely detect and repair. And meet the requirements of normal use under local environmental conditions.


2、 Check whether the rated input voltage and electric quantity of charging are consistent, and if the charging equipment is consistent, the input terminal can charge.


3、 Connect the plug of charger with the jack of charger completely, and then connect the input end of charger to AC power supply.


4、 When the power indicator light of charger is on, it means that the power has been connected. When the charger shows 100%, it means that the power has been fully charged. Some chargers are charging indicator light from red to green, indicating that the power has been fully charged. It takes about 3-8 hours to charge.


5、 After charging, first pull out the AC plug, and then pull out the battery connecting wire.


1、 The newly purchased Bumper Car Battery Car has a certain period of time. It is possible that the battery power will be insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the power supply to check whether there is power loss and other phenomena. If the power is insufficient, it is necessary to charge in time to keep the power sufficient, and then start to use electric drive.


2、 When charging, the charger should be placed in a safe and ventilated place which is conducive to heat dissipation. It should not be placed in a closed space or a flammable place. At the same time, it should be kept that no objects can be placed on the charger.


3、 Special charger must be used for charging, otherwise the battery will be damaged and even fire hazard may be caused.


4、 When the charger is not in use, it is forbidden to connect the charger to the AC power supply, which is conducive to the service life of the charger and avoid other possible hazards.


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