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Children’s game machine selection principle of is what?

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amusement equipment selection refers to the choose and buy when, according to the equipment technology advanced, economic rationality, to use suitable degree for the principle, and availability, maintainability, operability and other requirements, analysis and comparison, determine the optimization scheme of the equipment. Children’s game machine selection principle of is what?

First, the purchase of equipment and children play shape and size according to your own site and the actual situation of local amusement equipment type, quantity and purchase budget. Professional people do professional thing, can let the professional children’s amusement equipment model selection of the equipment manufacturer, guangzhou console manufacturers to recommend, know more about their equipment, to learn more about the market.

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Second, at the early stage of the purchase of Children’s game machine as much as possible to spend more time to understand the equipment, especially new to do not understand the industry of the investors. To stand in the market demand and the needs of the consumers point of purchasing equipment, a successful site is investors according to the target consumer customers to choose and buy equipment, rather than to choose the equipment to force consumers to consume.


Third, according to the site layout planning of the playground to determine the proportion and quantity of all kinds of equipment. Professional manufacturer will do a venue arrangement for investors of rendering, guangzhou his treasure animation technology is such, can focus on.


Fourth, visited many times children’s amusement equipment manufacturers, to grasp equipment all aspects of the information, including price, quality, function, performance and so on.


To ensure that the children’s amusement equipment safe and stable operation, be sure to grasp these principles when purchasing equipment.

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