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The joy of China Kids carousel

Carousel 6 players

Everyone must have had the shadow of the amusement park in their childhood memories, and have experienced the good times brought by Kid’s carousel. Then let’s talk to everyone.
For tourists, there is something for everyone craving luxury horseback riding. When people see something beautiful, they can’t help but wander around. Children and adults alike love the children’s carousel. Kids love fun stuff, and most adults crave love between two people when they ride. In addition, riding is relatively soothing and comfortable, which is loved by people of all ages.

On the one hand, the repeatability of amusement equipment is very high. Many amusement park operators who have operated carousel amusement equipment said that the carousel equipment not only has a high attendance rate, but basically children will play again after playing once, so the equipment has a strong ability to make money; on the other hand, this kind of amusement equipment is suitable for any age tourists. Not only children, but also some young tourists and their parents love to ride and play, so don’t worry about handling it badly.



The upper part of the children’s carousel is equipped with a colorful conical ceiling, surrounded by some brightly colored patterns, showing a more luxurious style, like a gorgeous horse racing hall. In the center of the hall, horses and horses are galloping. After the equipment is turned on, the gold and silver lights flicker, and the horses compete to form a scene of a galloping horse. Passengers are furious about how to participate in a horse race! The horses and decorations are made of fiberglass, which is environmentally friendly and safe. With the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good stability, it can be customized according to the specific site conditions of customers.


The carousel has always been the representative equipment of the playground and the symbol of the children’s playground. With the advent of China’s aging era, China has formulated a two-child policy. The country is paying more and more attention to children, the price of children’s carousels is getting higher and higher, and parents are paying more and more attention to children. It is no longer that parents neglect their children’s discipline for the sake of living, and only care about their children’s food and clothing, but now they are concerned about their children’s health, and sports in Germany and Shanghai pay more attention. Not only that, the country attaches great importance to the development of tourism. Tourism represents an improvement in the quality of life.
The holidays are almost here, bring your kids to experience it together.

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