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Have you ever played a basketball machine? know how to play basketball machine

Kids Basketball Machine

Basketball is also called the shooting machine or street basketball machine, independence is the a shooting in basketball, designed to be a shooting game.

When a player coin after starting the game, the player has appeared one after another in front of the basketball for players to shoot, let the player to quickly put into a basket and a ball. When at the end of the stipulated time, immediately stop to cast for the basketball game. The accumulative total by the number of baskets, elicits the game.

Many different kinds of basketball machine, largely from the function can be divided into “single model”, “multimachine networking against” type, from the product structure can be divided into combination type, folding type, double combination, etc. In the joy of the game, often more than shooting machine and combined into a shooting game unit group, was very hot.


kid basketball machine

kid basketball machine

Basketball machine invention to the earliest in the United States, the independent circuit boards and value game by game operator performance a few years, its simple operation, easy to use, the healthy entertainment effect, became the mainstay of this a few years to save video game market!


Street Basketball Superman Game Redemption Machine

Street Basketball Superman Game Redemption Machine

Children’s basketball machine from normal machine upgrade a specially suitable for children’s play basketball machine, basketball machine function and adults is the same, is characterized by the machine size to accord with 2 to 8 years old children to play, let the children practice shooting skills.

Children’s basketball machine specification: high 165 cm * 160 cm * 80 cm wide.


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