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In one game, you can control many football players on one table

Today, table football is considered a game that attracts people of all ages and races. However, sometimes you may have some problems with manual football tables, such as the following problems.

  • How do you play football at home

Have you ever thought you can play football at home? Yes, as long as you have a football table, you can enjoy an exciting football game on a small field with your family and friends. Fold it up when you don’t need to play. What an amazing product.

  •  Is it illegal to play football with your hands?

Of course. In the world of table football, everything is possible. Your only goal is to control the players around you with both hands, attacking and shooting wildly.

  • What kind of game can play multiple roles at the same time

In most games, we only play one character, but in table football, you can play 11 characters. You can also give each character a star name you like. Control your favorite football star! Win this fierce game.
Table football is the best table football anytime and anywhere: so, yes, you can play football at home. Not only that, you can even control multiple football players with your hands to win a fierce football match. As long as you have a table football
Table football has become so famous now because it does not require professional players to play it. Any layman can become an expert by following simple rules and good skills.

  • game rules:

1. There are three ways to compete: two-on-one, one-on-two, and two-on-two.
2. Both players use joysticks to control players to push, pull, rotate or spread various direct or indirect offensive and defensive skills.
3. The main kick-off is to throw on either side of the middle of the area. After scoring a goal, the negative zone kicked off midway for the second time.
4. If the ball stops on the court or jumps out of the table, the kicker kicks the ball again or places the ball close to the corner to make the ball roll naturally. This is a side kick or corner kick.
5. Each game is divided into three rounds, with ten goals scored in each round. The team with the first ten goals wins a set, the team with the first two goals wins a set, or the team with the most goals in your time period wins.
Nowadays, gaming is no longer a weird sport. Table football is loved by people all over the world. According to its origin, it is played under different names.

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