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Do you know the rules of the game of hockey? Let’s talk about the rules of the game of hockey

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Hockey is played between two teams of 11 players, and each team’s goal is to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The game is divided into first half and second half. The team with the most goals wins.
Except for the goalkeeper, other players can only hit the ball with the racket. If they intentionally hit the ball with their foot or any other part of their body, they will be penalized. The left side of the wooden hook is flat and the right side is convex. Players can only hit the ball on one side of the plane. The goalkeeper may block the goal with any part of his body in the shooting area.
Game start
At the beginning of the game, the captains of both teams toss a coin. The winner chooses to start the offensive end, and the opponent kicks off in the midfield. In the second half, the two sides switched sides, and the team that did not kick the ball in the first half kicked off.
At half-time kick-off, with both players in their own half, the designated player hits the ball at a teammate at least 1 metre from the midfield penalty spot. The kicker then tries to move the ball to the opponent’s goal, while the defender tries to steal the ball and move into the attack. After a goal has been scored, the player who conceded the goal shall tee off from midfield and in each stoppage time.

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the game starts again
If the ball is struck off the touchline, the opposing team hits the ball to a teammate and the game resumes. If the ball is shot off the end line by an offensive player, the defending team hits the ball to resume play.
When both sides foul at the same time, the ball is shot into a player’s shirt, or the game is interrupted due to player injury or other reasons, it is necessary to fight for the ball to restart the game. The position of the scrimmage is chosen by the referee, but must be at least 14 places from the end line. six meters away. The ball is placed between one player on each side, with two players hitting the ground alternately and the other hitting the ball three times before hitting the ball. Other players must stand 5 meters away from the ball.
penalty corner
If the defending player unwittingly hits the ball over his own end line, the attacking team will be awarded a long corner kick, which means the attacking team will serve 5 meters from the corner flag.
If the defensive player deliberately hits the ball beyond his own line, he will be awarded a short corner kick, that is, a free kick taken by the offensive team about 9 meters from the nearest post on the end line to send the ball to a teammate just outside the shooting area to form a shot. A guard can have five players, including the goalie, standing behind the free throw line. Once the attacker has kicked off the ball, they can attack in the direction of the ball.
When a defensive player intentionally fouls a goal in the shooting area to prevent a goal or an attacking player scores, the attacking player will be awarded a penalty kick. Unintentional fouls in the shooting area can also be awarded a penalty to prevent a goal. When a penalty kick is taken, the ball is 6.4 meters from the goal. Defenders can only have goalkeepers. Attacking players shoot the ball directly into the goal.

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A goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line and enters the goal. But, only in hockey, it’s only effective in the shooting zone. Attackers score when the goalkeeper violates the penalty rules and prevents a goal.
dangerous action
As both the ball (156-163 grams, 224-235mm circumference) and bat can be dangerous, players cannot lift the bat over their heads or make dangerous movements. Players are generally not allowed to hit the ball in the air except for shooting. It is up to the referee to judge the danger of the ball rising above the ground.
Unlike many sports, in hockey, players are not allowed to use their bodies or sticks to protect the ball or hinder an opponent from hitting the ball. Doing so or physically obstructing an opponent is a blocking foul.
other rules
If the goalkeeper presses on the ball, it is considered a blocking foul. Players may be warned (green card), suspended for 5 minutes (yellow card) or expelled from the game (red card) if they intentionally foul, misbehave or behave dangerously. The replaced player can re-enter the game. The match was officiated by two referees, who were responsible for their own half-time decisions.
The site is 91.4 meters long and 55 meters wide. The center line divides the field in two. In front of each end goal there is an arc 14.6 meters from the goal. The resulting D-shaped area is called the firing zone. The goal is 3.66 meters wide and 2.14 meters high.

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