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How to learn to play the dance machine when you are a novice

bike man kid ride video game machine

I have no dance foundation, I don’t play fancy. So it’s just more work on the stampede. It’s a small achievement. Now, I want to share my experience with you: (primary stage): In fact, many people know it. Having the courage to stand on the dance machine is a little technical thing. I don’t want to say more. But it has to be repeatedly emphasized that many people dare not take the first step on the dance machine for the sake of face. This is a very wrong idea. Everything is difficult at the beginning, which is actually the most important step in the dance machine career.

(novice stage): When we have the courage to stand on the stage, for inexperienced people (especially those without dance foundation), how can we progress. What a novice has to do is to dare to jump. Jumping here means jumping with your feet off the ground! A lot of newbies are good at pedaling, but they can get overwhelmed with two keys together, so try to get yourself up and running. Secondly, don’t let your feet stand in a fixed position, as long as it is on a dance machine, what’s the difference? How comfortable it is to stand.
(Intermediate): The novice stage is a relatively fast starting stage, and the same is true for the intermediate level. At this time, the songs in simple mode are basically no problem. Now I want to not skip a song, but a good song. Stampede is basically determined by the rhythm of the song and the sentences sung, and this person who has played drum machines knows better. After all, the judgment of the dance machine is not very high, and basically it is cool according to the rhythm.

(Initial Phase): In the initial phase, as the name suggests, we can’t simply assume that skipping a lot of songs will make you feel like a genius. After that, the road will be difficult to walk. This is where the variability of footwork needs to be learned, as it is too early to record footwork at this stage. When one foot is in place, prepare the other foot to step on all the other points so that you can jump in an orderly manner and not panic. Of course, the rhythm is still the most important. Find the feeling of half a beat in the rhythm of the full beat and improve your judgment.
(advanced stage): This is the time to challenge the most difficult songs in the dance machine, and may require more practice on the familiarity of the songs. Footnotes can be memorized correctly, but rote memorization is not recommended. After all, trampling mainly relies on eyesight and judgment, so as to control the action through the subconscious mind. For those advanced songs, it is better to practice more.

(Bottleneck stage): It is possible that many people will fall into the technical stagnation stage after reaching the advanced stage, which is the bottleneck stage. At this time, we not only have to practice more. We need to start from multiple fronts. Such as the ability to judge blood; the coordination of the feet and so on. Breakthroughs at this stage require effort. At the same time, combined with my own footwork, I suggest to analyze the musical elements of the song (such as the second generation of Star Wars, his footwork rhythm is based on harmony, so many people mess up the rhythm and lead to failure) to diversify and the characteristics of familiar songs.
(Promotion stage): In this stage, we have achieved something in the stampede. But the fun of the machine is endless. Dancers will want to level up again, like adding total concealment or chaos. This requires memorizing footnotes and having enough basic skills. The improvement of this stage is a stage to show the level of dancers. The way back is up to you to find out.