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A new generation of simulation racing cars-there are three generations of speed.

The new generation of simulation racing speed positioning “leading the Chinese urban street racing culture and fashion”, is produced by the world’s top high-tech full 3D physics engine, running smoothly at 60 frames. The high-definition standard of 19201080P perfectly presents 3D dynamic pictures, and truly reproduces the race tracks in eight major cities including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Nanjing. Supports online competitions, 4 people participate at the same time, as many as 7 world-class luxury sports cars for players to choose freely, and provide hundreds of dressing modification systems, stylish appearance and so on. Speed ​​is developed from the innovation of international advanced racing technology. With the concept of high technology and high quality, it has launched a strong impact on the global market. The official launch of Speeding Speed ​​has not only enriched the product layout of King Long’s commercial game amusement machines, and achieved market coverage of domestic advanced racing games, but also strongly promoted both the reputation and sales of King Long’s brand. Speed ​​and Huanhua 3D Tour will form a synergy and become a flag of autonomy for Chinese racing games.

Luxury Outrun Simulator Racing Car


Press the “start button” on the console to start the game.

1) “Up”: select upwards, forward gears in the game, “Down”: select downwards, reverse gears in the game.

2) Turn left steering wheel: Choose to turn left and turn left in the game.

3) Turn the steering wheel right: Choose to turn right and turn right in the game.

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